Question Bottleneck with Pentium J2900

Mar 6, 2020
Just want to know if gt 1030 bottleneck with my Pentium 2.6GHz J2900 and what game can i run. Thank you ( I want to know if i can play Fortnite, GTAV, CS:GO and Mincraft )


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Make and model of the motherboard you want to drop the GPU on? In retrospect, you should be pairing that GPU with that board/CPU/SOC. From what my crude Google Image search shows me, you're also going to lack a physical PCIe x 16 on any board.
I'm not sure you are going to have a whole lot of luck with any newer games really. Your CPU is pretty underpowered. With a GT 1030 Minecraft at lower resolutions will still be pretty slow, and MAYBE CS:GO will play (but don't expect to be competitive). GTA:V and Fortnite are pretty much a solid no go.

You've got performance equal to a middle of the line Core 2 Duo, but spread out over 4 cores, which means that games that can only use 1-2 cores are going to run horribly.

Honestly, I wouldn't waste the money on a GT 1030. Work on getting a better system first. That old "Pentium" (which is really an Atom) just isn't powerful enough to play anything remotely modern.
I've always thought it would be sweet if a review site would cover stuff like this.

If anything, a GT1030/GTX1050/RX550 is the proper type of card to pair with a CPU like that. I wouldn't go much further.

As far as, "what games can I play", is hard to say. It's a 4 [wimpy]-core CPU (not all cores are equal), made in 2013, and only running at ~2.5GHz. Fortnite might be too much to ask, unless it's the lowest settings. Minecraft, LoL, Dota2, or CS:GO should be....decent though. Those games can run on a potato.

Realistically though, if money is a major factor for you, don't waste your money with this. Save up for a proper CPU and a better GPU to go with it. These low-end GPUs represent a HORRIBLE price/performance point. If it's a fun & cheap experiment, please, share your findings!
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