Question Can I connect a modem to this Hotel Xfinity Co-axial?

Jun 24, 2019
The wifi here is dreadful. I'll be here for a while. Could I purchase a co-axial modem (or router, I think I need a modem though right?) and screw the co-axial cord from my cable TV into the modem to get a hard connection or am I stuck with this crappy wifi?

Do you think they'd let me get DSL to the room, if not? lol (last bit is a joke but srsly. anyone done either of these before with any success?)
Maybe find another hotel will be the simplest. Good internet is actually something hotels advertise just like having a pool. Some people will actually make their hotel selection based on it having good internet.

The cable coming to your room is likely a private cable system run by the hotel. Lets say you have a very unusual hotel and the coax is actually connected to a outside cable going to a ISP. It is not as simple as just buy a modem and it magically work. You would have to call and activate it with the ISP and then pay a monthly charge.

Your only realistic option to getting your own internet connection is to use cell phone type connection. Unless you are out in the middle of no where you should be able to get a mobile hotspot or maybe use your cell phone as a hotspot. You need to see which provider has the best signal where you are.

Of course this tends to be a rather expensive option if you use lots of bandwidth.