Can i use this for a server computer?



I just made a new computer and my old one i have nothing to do with.

The components of the old one are as follows:
core 2 duo e6600
geforce 7100gs
2 GB ocz ram
80 GB harddrive

I want to use this as a server for just hosting minecraft server or sometimes a counterstrike dedicated server. (I used to host one and play on same machine)

What would be the best way to do this?
Im thinking format, put on windows 7 64bit and dont install anything else, and just run the servers on it....

Is there a better way? Better OS so things are smoother? Any suggests on how to make that old rig into a good server computer? I dont want to spend a single penny on it, just wondering what steps would be best to making it a great server for games. OS, installation, and so on. Advice please ? :)


Mar 3, 2011
I would say Linux. This way you can setup both these servers without much problem.
Since Linux is resourcefriendly you can probably put more gameservers on it then if you install a Windows 7 + Linux is better as a server OS then Win7 - by far. :)

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