Compaq presario laptop CPU help !!!


Apr 3, 2005
Hello experts ! I have a compaq presario 2547AI note book with the following specifcations : Celeron @ 2.8GHz / 128KB L2 Cache / 512MB DDR SDRAM.

My friend has a damaged Compaq nc6000 [It fell off a vehicle and the case, display panel are broken.] The laptop has a Pentium 4 Mobile 1.6 GHz [centrino] processor.

My question is whether I can exchange the Celeron processor on my machine with the Pentium 4 Mobile 1.6 from the damaged laptop. The celeron is quite slow with graphics apps & I know the Pentium is faster. If I replace it, will the motherboard support the pentium M ? Also what other changes are required.


Other specs :
Compaq 2500 series :: 1.8-, 2.0-, 2.4-, 2.53-, 2.66-, or 2.80-GHz Intel Desktop Pentium 4 processor-D with
Intel Speed Step technology, 512-KB L2 cache, and 1.2- to 1.3-V core low-power processor with 400-MHz processor system bus


Former Staff
First of all, Centrino doesn't use the mobile P4, it uses the Pentium M, which is a hopped up PIII that outperforms the P4.

Second, the Pentium M uses a different socket. P4's and P4 based Celerons use Socket 478, Pentium-M uses Soket 479, and these are wired differently. In fact, Intel even specifies different chipsets, although companies have proven that it's possible to force one chipset to support the other type of CPU so long as the wiring is arranged properly.

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