Jun 8, 2012
i am going to make a pc whose CPU:AMD bulldozer fx8150, GPU:ATI 6850 1gb DDR5 sapphire and Motherboard:MSI 990 fxa-65 does all of these support each other

the reason why it is true is because of the fact that no game uses more than 4 cores, hence why i made the statement "for gaming." The 8150 has a base clock of 3.6 and the 4170 has a clock with 4.2. If both are overclocked, the one with the higher clock assuming both are made with the same architecture will work better in gaming. the only advantage the 8150 will give mostly is through programs that can utilize more than 4 cores, i.e video editing, rendering etc, which was the purpose of why the 8150 was built for.

That would work if the 4170 was a "true" quad core. In reality, the 8120 and 8150 are the "true" quad cores, with what amounts to four cores of AMD's version of HT. Not anywhere near the same, I know, but performance wise, it basically is.

Yes, the 4170 is faster at stock, but just OC the 8150 to the same clock and you have a MUCH better overall CPU to boot.