Question constant microstuttering! Is it my GPU?!


Jan 7, 2019
Hello everyone.

I have had this problem pretty much since building my pc and i just thought it was supposed to look and feel like this, until i tried my friends pc with the same specs and they felt worlds apart. mine for the worse :(
it is like a constant microstutter that is happening at all times.

Here is a video i made showing this issue. And yes i have a video of my friends pc with the same slo mo and that isnt jumpy like that.

Look at the way the mouse does these "jump jump jump" while going. Trust me. the mouse isnt the problem. the mouse is just the best way to show it. it is graphical :)
Im on Windows 10 and have the 430.86 Nvidia driver.

I have tried:
clean installing newest nvidia driver from website
switching pci slot
tried limiting the cpu usage to 95%
testing numbers in game (they were as they should)
switching ram slots
changing nvidia control panel settings
using my monitors g sync (still has tearing and lag)
Completely restarted my pc with no files left and all that
changed mouse
changed monitor
normal temps on all parts
overclocked both gpu and cpu to no effect
different ports to the monitor (HDMI, DVI and DP)
144hz monitor (and yes its at 144hz both in nvidia and os settings)
latest driver of my motherboard

I dont know whats left to try to be honest... my best guess is a faulty gpu?

Here are my specs:
GPU: gigabyte gtx 1060 windforce oc 6gb
CPU: ryzen 5 2600
RAM g.skill trident z 16gb 3200mhz (running at 2666 rn just to make sure it is stable while writing this)
MOBO: Asrock b450m pro4
OS: windows 10 64bit
SSD: kingston a400 240gb with only os on it
HDD: WD blue 1TB 7200
PSU Be Quiet! Pure power 11 500w


Jan 7, 2019
Which version of the OS are you on? Are the specs to your friend's system exactly identical? Latest BIOS update for your motherboard?
Windows 10 64 bit
yes i have the latest bios :)
and he has a gtx 1060 3gb instead of my 6gb, only 8gb ram, and an intel i5 8500k processor. so about the same performance wise. but even though he clearly gets less fps in games this doesnt happen to him?

(AND, my monitor is ASUS VG258Q)