Sep 4, 2009
I am once again back on Tomshardware with another small question.

I have a Corsair TX650w power supply that has 2 SATA cables, each cable having 4 SATA connections.

It is a little difficult to explain but can be seen here,


My question is, does it make and difference which connection to use on the cable? For example, one at the end, 1st one etc. I have only a hard disc drive and a DVD burner/ writer, is it best to use a separate cable for each or use 2 or the SATA from the same cable?

I guess this is a very small thing to worry about, just checking for best practices!



all the connectors on each cable do the same thing. also, it doesnt matter that much with only 2 drives, but THEORETICALLY (not realistically) its better if you use one cable for the cd drive and one for the hard drive. BUT its better for cable management if you just use one cable so you can tuck the other one away behind the mobo tray or something