Question CPU overheat. Black screen and windows not booting up

Mar 15, 2022
Specs of my pc is:
-Intel i7
-16gb ram
-Asus motherboard
-Nvidea gtx 720 ti
-cpu cooling fan

I recently changed my power plan option to "ultimate performance" from power options. After applying this plan, the pc prompted that my cpu temp is very high that was 89°C. Then i restarted my pc and this time windows didnt boot up instead the asus Bios showed up. Then i changed my bios plan from normal to high performance and increased the speed of fans then i applied the settings.

After applying the change the screen got blank and is now not even loading the bios.

Please help :-(


Mar 11, 2022
What kind of computer do you have? Laptop or desktop? Which CPU specifically? And which cooling? Newer (desktop) CPUs might need pretty beefy cooling, especially i7s. What's your PSU? Which motherboard? If desktop, was it prebuilt, and when did you get it? A little more info would help everyone to identify where the issue might be.