Apr 4, 2009
Hello, I have an ASUS Intel Pentium D PC and for some reason, it keeps shutting down about 5 minuter after i start it up. I'll be working and Bam, it turns off. I think this may have to do with the CPU temperatur in the BIOS settings; but I don't know what setting it is to change the CPU temperature... please help me out. Thanks in advance.


More likely something actually IS overheating (the Pentium D 8xx series are VERY hot chips). Your ASUS MB should have come with a utility that you can run in Windows to report temps, voltages, fan speeds, etc. (perhaps called PC-Probe?) Install that (it should be available at the Asus website for download, too) and run it to monitor temps. I bet you'll find one or more temps way too high; once you figure out which component is overheating, post back and we can figure out how to fix that.


Mar 26, 2009
Hi . Pentium D Proccessors in usual are cool!
But there are problems that may cause CPU OverHeating:
1- Fan Failure
2- Corrupted Thermal Grease
3- Settings Changed to Over Clock Mode
4- CPU Hitting ( Droping or hitting )
5- PSU Problem , Absolotely in this mode MOSFETs On MotherBoard Overheated too.
You can Reset Your bios by removing Li Battery on Mainboard. or Choose " Load Fail Safe Settings" From your Bios to see that is in the Overclock mode or not.
if your CPU is hot yet, Check your Fan Speed or Thermal Grease.
Sorry For my bad English