Custom plastics for case cable management?


Mar 3, 2010
Does anybody have a good contact to make some custom plastic inserts (black acrylic, moulded and drilled) for a case? I cannot find a decent fabricator anywhere (London, UK).

I have just finished an ultra low power gaming build but there is little scope for effective cable management in the case. Would like black acrylic shroud to go over the PSU/cabling to the right of the motherboard to remove it from view.

The cable from the PSU is only just long enough to reach the mobo, at comes out at a very inconvenient point where it is almost overlapping the graphics card (which only just fits).

Specs for interest - Intel Celeron G530 65w (but runs lower as integrated graphics disabled) , Asus Pro Motherboard H67 ,MSI GT 440 1gb GPU , 8gb Crucial Vengeance SODIMM 1600Mhz , Intel X25M SSD. Power supply is rated at 160w but this setup pulls about 100w at the wall under load.