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[META] I have decided to list the seven decks I am running, as well as
another I just thought of that actually uses a few more recent cards in
it. I don't have the time like I used to to really work on decks. More
importantly, I dont' have time to learn the new cards so as to
incorporate them into my decks. So I am going to lean on the group some
here to hopefully make my decks better, and also pick up some new tech
and be able to use some of the new cards in my decks. I will be listing
these decks in order of how much work I think they need. As a note, I
used FELDB to do these decks. Very nice, but it does leave the deck
lists not alphabetical. [/META]

Deck Name: AUSPOT small
Created By: shorb
Description: Here is my Auspex Potence deck. I feel like maybe it
should win more than it does.

Big problem: Chas Tello. Must go. I would put in Pugfar (POT), but
since he is a slave, and I have no !Tremere, he wouldn't be able to rush
or anything. Maybe I put in Miriam Benyona just because she has a rad
special.. Suggestions?
No AUS. It's all at basic. I am using aus because: Nose of the Hound,
and Aura Reading. But no access to bounce, etc. I imagine I can take
out those Tele Misd and either put in Counters or real intercept, like
Spirit's Touch or something.
I probably don't need 6 Aura Readings - 3-4 is probably enough. Fill
out the rest with transient intercept?
If I could fit in 3-4 Inter-locs I would be good. But what to take out
to make room for those Media outlets (KRCG, Rumor Mill, London Evening
Star, etc.).
I figure I can drop the Relentless Pursuits for Mighty Grapples.
Although sometimes you want to press to end...
I feel like my standard combat is pretty short chain - Tear off a
signpost, and then IG them, punch. The gates and lids are in there just
in case folks are going long.
But sadly, I only get my prey rarely, and hardly ever win with this,
even though I think it could be strong. Any tips on what I might be
missing? It's my favorite deck to play these days.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 12, Max: 19, Avg: 3.91)
1 Sir Henry Johnson aus pot pre 4 Toreador
2 Gengis aus cel pot 3 Brujah
1 Rigby aus pot CEL PRE 5 Brujah
2 Terry aus dom san POT 5 Blood Brother
1 Jimmy Dunn for CEL POT 4 Pander
1 Chas Giovanni Tello DOM POT 4 Giovanni
2 David Morgan aus pot 3 Malkavian
1 Agatha obf POT 4 Nosferatu
1 Hugo pre vic POT 4 Brujah

Library: (88 cards)
Master (11 cards)
2 Auspex
2 Blood Doll
1 Direct Intervention
4 Fame
1 Potence
1 Tribute to the Master

Action (19 cards)
4 Bum`s Rush
9 Computer Hacking
5 Nose of the Hound
1 Rampage

Reaction (9 cards)
2 Delaying Tactics
4 Telepathic Misdirection
3 Wake with Evening`s Freshness

Combat (49 cards)
6 Aura Reading
1 Burning Wrath
6 Fake Out
10 Immortal Grapple
2 Relentless Pursuit
8 Taste of Vitae
4 Thrown Gate
2 Thrown Sewer Lid
10 Torn Signpost

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chris shorb


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My personal take is that the best thing to do with this deck is take it
apart and play with the other 6. It seems like it is prepared to fight
against your Torreador Flash Majesty deck with 10 Immortal Grappels and
6 Fake Outs, but I really don't see what the Auspex is getting you. If
you took all the Auspex cards out of the deck, you would be losing Aura
Reading, Nose of the Hound, and Telepathic Misdirection. At that point
you would be left with a rough Potence deck, and that could go
anywhere: weenie Potence, Celerity Potence, etc.

If you really wanted to bounce bleeds, and so on, why not play
Giovanni. You could make it a Domiante Potence deck with a little
Intercept/Stealth via Necromancy and end up with something much more
powerful. It would allow you to take most/all of the Immortal Grappels
and play Thoughts Betrayed, and to bounce bleeds with Deflection. And,
since you are playing Dominate, I've heard it has a few cards that
actually pump bleeds (you heard it here first).

But there are a ton of different ways to go with the deck once the
Auspex is removed, and they are examples all over the place. Auspex is
just not worth stretching for in the form you have here.


Apr 2, 2004
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Why don't you try an intercept angle with this deck? Pack anima
gatherings, use small guys to give you're POT/AUS guys +2 intercept and
pack a whole heap of Eagle's Sight, then trash your prey's vamps when
they try to do anything. Defend your pool against your predator and
then bleed forward.

Should work ok. But if you're only playing auspex for Aura Reading and
Nose of the Hound, it's an absolute waste. (Superior Revelations is
better than Aura Reading anyway).

--> J