Dec 24, 2021
I've an HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 16 a0022tx with 16.1 inch display more than a year old.

When I power on/ lift the lid to wake up from sleep mode the display shows a grey screen with black & white bands, impressions of last window opened on my laptop are clearly visible on increasing the brightness. It happens on both battery and while plugged in. After putting down and lifting the lid several times, the grey screen goes away and sign in screen appears. External Monitor works fine when connected via HDMI cable.

Reinstalled the intel UHD Graphics drivers several times but nothing changed. (Currently using Latest driver v30.0.101.1191)

On battery while waking up a click sound comes from the motherboard and the laptop turns off immediately and does not start even by pressing power button. Power button works again after a few minutes or for instant start It needs to be plugged in.

Both issues happens randomly during wake up/Restart (even in recovery mode)/Power ON, once OS is booted there are no issues with power/display, all works fine!

Done Hard Rest but NO help from it. No Recent Changes made to hardware. Earlier the frequency of this issue was very low so I didn't bother to contact support but now It happens most of the time I start my laptop.

Please help....!🙏
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