Question Does the cpu really affect the fps?

Aug 15, 2019
I have an rtx 2080 ti and an Intel i7 4790. The bottleneck calculators say it is being bottlenecked to a 40 % but is that actually true? I mean, as long as the cpu is over the recommended specs of x program it shouldn't affect fps that much, right? Or is my system being SERIOUSLY (not only a few fps) bottlenecked?


Bottleneck calculators are garbage.
Monitor specs?

If your monitor is 1080p:
There is no cpu available that can keep up with the 2080Ti at that resolution. It's not so much a cpu bottleneck, but a monitor one.

The gpu affects your max possible fps.
The cpu + ram affects your lows and overall average fps.

2080Ti is a terrible option for anything lower than 1440p high refresh.
2070 Super, or 5700XT is the best for 1080p.
I've not heard too many stories about 2080/Super, but what I can say is that when 1080Ti launched, it was too much for 1080p as well - that has probably changed though - and 2080 Super is supposed to be on par with it...
At 1440p high refresh, you both need a powerful GPU and CPU.

I would say your older I7 won't limit your FPS significantly with a 2080ti if you play at 1440p with maxed-out settings.

You can look at your CPU usage. If any CPU cores are hitting 100% and your GPU is not being utilized, yes there is a CPU bottleneck.