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  1. C

    [SOLVED] GPU Upgrade advice needed with Ryzen 5 1600 or complete upgrade instead?

    Hi there! Recently I started really noticing that I'm starting to struggle running some games (Mostly warzone) with my 5-year-old Ryzen 5 1600 and GTX 1060 6GB. I feel the Ryzen is still fine for now, and would like to upgrade my graphics card, however I understand that I'll run into a...
  2. T

    Question Help, understanding bottleneck - with graph

    Frustration: posted on reddit a couple of days ago similar graph, everyone telling me that was a CPU bottleneck. I went to watch a bunch of youtube videos to understand better the concept of bottleneck, testing again, it seems to me that my bottleneck is on GPU. Completely lost in what to think...
  3. E

    [SOLVED] Will a Intel I3 10100 Bottlenect 3060 TI?

    I was wondering if it will bottleneck (specifically at 1440p but also 1080p) and if I can run the 3060 TI on 500w 80+ GOLD (without overclocking). My PC parts are: CPU: Intel I3 10100 + stock cooler Motherboard: ASRock B560-ITX/ac RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200MHz PSU: Be Quiet! Pure...
  4. iScreambyte

    Question Is my ryzen 3 3100 bottlenecking my rx6700 xt?

    I just bought a new sapphire rx 6700 xt and installed it in an existing system with r3 3100. Today the first game i tested was rdr2. I set everything to ultra with 1080p 144hz and noticed i was getting nearly 50 to 55, even 45 in deep woods. I then checked benchmark videos on yt and everyone is...
  5. E

    Question bottleneck

    system specs are cpu- i9 9900k oc to 5.0 all cores gpu- rx 6900xt 16gb ram- 32gb 3600mhz mb- msi mpg z390 gaming pro carbon ac power supply-corsair rm100x windows 11 boot drive - 980 pro so my question is am i severely bottlenecked or am i okay with this? in some games im getting full use of...
  6. BellasWiFiHell

    Question Internet Connection Bottlenecked at 3Mbps, only on PC.

    My computer has been facing this problem for the same problem for around 2 years now and I've finally gotten sick about it. I use a Netgear Wireless Modem, with my Ps4 and PC both attached to it (Not running at the same time, mind you.) My PC gets a peak of 3.4Mbps, and my PS4 gets upwards of...
  7. ItsMeDante

    [SOLVED] FPS drops with RTX 3060 or CPU bottleneck?

    Hi fellas below is my setup Mobo: Gigabyte Z97M-D3H CPU: i7 4790K Ram: 16 GB (8*2) 1866 DDR3 GPU: Asus OC RTX 3060 When I am playing games on 1080p ultra or very high settings no issues FPS are above 80 or even 100. But as soon as I turn on Ray tracing it massively drops down to 40-50 FPS...
  8. BrotPizza

    Question low fps where is the bottleneck

    Hello, I am playing the new hot wheels update in forza 5 and I usally play on the settings extrem and at a resolution of 5120x1440 with hdr on. Now after the update I also get 60 fps as usally with my grapics card at around 70% so I got some air for more load (for example jungle bioms) but now...
  9. S

    Question Rtx 3080 not running above 50% usage in almost every game

    In almost every game I run my GPU doesn't go over 50% max usage and most of the time its under 40%. I have set most of my 3d settings to max performance in GeForce control and set power management to max performance as well. I'm wondering if its a bottleneck issue. SPECS: Asus tuf 3080 gpu...
  10. Plssineedanswers

    Question Cpu bottleneck on 1366x768 in valorant

    I have a amd A10 5800k 8gb Ram 1333mhz 120gb ssd 700w PSU Monitor: 1366x768 I have a plan to put a gpu for my rig like a gta 450 so I can get higher FPS on valorant but when I check on a bottleneck calculator they have a bottleneck % of 81.5 on 1366x768 they always recommend to go on 1080p...
  11. AbolfazlSM

    [SOLVED] Is Intel DH67BL MB a good choice for i7 3770 + Gtx 1660

    Hi I had a H77 Gigabyte mobo but unfortunately it stopped working so currently Im using this setup: Worst H61 Gigabyte Mobo on the market (No sata 3 and no usb 3 😐) I5 2500 GTX 750ti 2gb 2400Mhz 1x8 gb (running in 1333Mhz speed) 2 HDD 1 sata SSD So as you can guess all of my components are...
  12. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] i5 9600 bottleneck

    Hi, I will never do this question if I haven t watched some video/bench. I m searching video cause I ve to upgrade my 1060 to a probably 4060 or 4050. I have an i5 9600k and watching some videos of people with the same cpu I was noticing that some that display cpu usage and not only fps in 1080p...
  13. Majin_ok

    Question Question about processor/graphic card

    best graphics card for i5 10400f 1080p without bottleneck, I was thinking of a 6700xt but I think it's a waste and I should go for a 6600xt or 3060 maybe?
  14. O

    [SOLVED] I'm going for a partial upgrade and I need help here

    Current Specs: GTX 1050TI i5-7400 Gigabyte H110M-S2PT 16GB RAM I think my CPU is bottlenecking my PC, I checked with NVIDIA performance overlay (since MSI afterburner crashes games), the CPU utilization was always 100% for all cores while the GPU was 98-99% in one game (AC Odyssey) and around...
  15. U

    [SOLVED] Rtx 3080 ti - low gpu usage

    I just upgraded to a 3080 ti and notice that in some games my gpu usage fluctuates between 70 and 90% gpu usage. I'm not sure why and I have updated drivers, mobo bios, and all windows updates . I heard that cpu might be a bottleneck but I'm running a 3900x and didn't think that this cpu would...
  16. Skedd

    [SOLVED] What should I upgrade ?

    My pc is underperforming, even though it's low end, it performs even worse than it should be. I have a gt 1030 2gb gddr5 and an amd phenom ii x6 1055t, a really old cpu and a weak gpu, when i play a game and monitor my gpu and cpu i find that my cpu is about 30-40% and the gpu is 20-30%. This is...
  17. Stray Kid

    [SOLVED] Sudden FPS issues on everything - Need Help

    Hey! First time posting because normally I don't need help with PC issues. However, I am completely stumped on this issue. My PC suddenly is having FPS issues and potentially CPU?? issues out of nowhere. I've been using this PC the same exact way for around the last 2 years with no changes at...
  18. J

    Question Compatibility/Good PC/No Bottlenecks?

    Hey everyone! I’ve been looking at upgrading my PC. Here are the parts I am considering buying: Intel core i7-12700k be quiet dark rock pro 4 ASUS prime z690m plus d4 micro atx crucial ballistix max 16gb ddr4 4000 mhz Sabrent rocket Q m.2 2tb msi Radeon 6700 xt thermaltake core v21 micro atx...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] What should I upgrade my Cpu to?

    Current Specs : GPU-6600XT CPU- R5 1600 2x8 Gb Ram 2600mhz 500w psu corsair Motherboard - MSI B350M Gaming Pro Micro Atx So i just got my 6600xt and used to have a 1060 3gb card and in games I'm getting almost worst fps and most of the time stuttering while playing. Seeing what CPU i should...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] I7-8700 & RTX 2070 Bottleneck!

    So, I've been using this system for 3 years now. Recently, When I try to play games such as Battlefield 2042 beta, cyberpunk and some recently released AAA titles, my fps barely goes to 60. On average, the fps remains 45-50. This fps range remains same for both high and low graphics settings...
  21. H

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my graphics for my pc

    Processor : amd fx 6300 Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P Graphics card: nvidia 750ti Cooling fan aftermarket: deep cool Frostwin 2.0 dual fan cooler I have connected this to my 55 inch samsung tv q60r 120hz 4k display Trying to play fifa 21 but stuttering and tearing of screen observed...
  22. A

    [SOLVED] PC running poorly only on specific games

    For some reason, specific games just run like absolute garbage on my computer for what seems like no reason. For example, in Minecraft I get a pretty unstable ~30 fps on low setting w/ optifine, yet on Rainbow Six Siege I get 120 fps on very high and 1080p. I have a hunch that it may be my CPU...
  23. R

    [SOLVED] Frame drops and game lagging on high specs

    For the past couple of months I have been experiencing an issue in multiple different games (CS:GO, Warzone, Forza 4) where I am on a loading screen, the frames will tank to about 0-1 FPS. For instance, I can't even get past the training in Warzone because the game runs at not even 1 FPS I...
  24. S

    Question New GTX 1660 super 0% GPU usage in games

    Hi everyone, so I today I upgraded my GPU from a Rx 480 to a gtx 1660 super. I've uninstalled all amd Radeon softwares and installed Nvidia control panel as well as GeForce experience and updated all my driver's for my GPU, windows and mobo. But when I'm in game my GPU usage is always at either...
  25. verkadala

    [SOLVED] nvme adaptor on H310M s2 2.0

    I want to update my memory to nvme ssd drive , im thinking on using nvme adaptor on my board, i want to know if its possible , any performane loss or any kind of bottle neck , specs i5 9400f , Rx570 card 4gb
  26. M

    [SOLVED] Intel I5 8400 is not performing as it should.

    I'm having some problems with my CPU bottlenecking in games it really shouldn't. When I went and test it it seemed that my CPU is really underperforming. Any idea how that might come? CPU: Full test: PC...
  27. L

    Question Low FPS with GTX 1070 Ti ?

    Hi, I'm having some issues at the moment, I just recently upgraded to a gtx 1070 Ti 8GB, I play a lot of games, but specifically I play Warzone the most and I'm still getting fps drops even at the lowest settings with this graphics card? Also occasional stuttering. I suspect my CPU is...
  28. M4G1CFOG

    [SOLVED] Bottleneck percentage? i5-4690, gtx1050ti

    hello im planning to upgrade my celeron g1820, its pretty good it runs gta all high settings except aa and particles. but its running on 210 farenheit which causes it to emergency shutdown, aand needs 10-13 mins to be turned on again. Im planning to upgrade my celeron so that i can play it...
  29. Greivbo

    [SOLVED] Radeon RX 570 bottlenecked by my Ryzen 5 2600, upgrade my 720p monitor or get a new GPU?

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to look at my post, title... pretty much says it all. I made a budget PC that costs just over a grand and found myself with a GPU Bottleneck after I replaced my old Hardrive with a new 500 GB Seagate Barracuda SSD. For whatever reason, I had absolutely no...
  30. raveman123

    [SOLVED] Questions about bottleneck

    Hi. Im new to this pc gaming stuff. I have someone I know build a computer for me since im just testing things out. I settled for a low budget build(mostly 2ndhand parts) the system we came up with is: Ryzen 3 3200g Palit GTX 1060 6gb 2x8gb 2600mhz 80+ platinum 700w my concern is that does my...
  31. N

    [SOLVED] Is SLI possible

    Hi everyone, im currently running my 970 by itself, but my friend just bought a new pc and said hed give me his old 970 aswell. My first question is, im running the 4gb msi gtx 970 and he has the stock 4gb gtx 970, will they be compatable, then my next question is, with my cpu (i5 4690k) is it...
  32. J

    [SOLVED] Using 2 M.2 NVME's with the X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI

    I'm thinking about down sizing my PC to a mini-itx build and have been looking into various motherboards. I wanted one that had 2 slots for M.2 NVME drives and settled on the X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI. I will have one drive for boot, and various files, and the other for games and design work. I...
  33. JojoErik

    [SOLVED] 3060ti and i5-8400?

    Does 3060ti and i5-8400 good ?? and what bottleneck % will be? ( How much w psu i need?)
  34. itachi the homie

    [SOLVED] My PC is bottlenecked and I'd like to buy a new CPU

    Hey guys, I recently got my hands on a 3070 so I thought now is a good time to upgrade my PC. My specs currently are the following: Asus Prime Z270-P (LGA 1151) RTX 3070 i5-7600K 16GB RAM 700W PSU Well, as you can notice my build is bottlenecked pretty badly, my other GPU (GTX 1060) fits way...
  35. K

    [SOLVED] Posible bottleneck: RTX 3060 ti paired with i5-9600k

    Pretty much what the title states. I currently have a 2060 super hooked up and would like to upgrade to the 3060 ti and along with that, get a 1440p 180Hz monitor.... Will my CPU be able to handle this?
  36. word24

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 1400 bottlenecking issue

    I'm aware that in my title I did describe my issue as being a bottleneck, but I'm not actually entirely sure what's happening. As of recent (last couple of days) my CPU usage has been around 100% and my GPU usage hovers around 60-70%. My best guess is that what's happening may be a bottleneck...
  37. Aditya886

    [SOLVED] Low FPS on my new PC

    I play FPS games on my PC like CSGO and Valorant I saw the same specs benchmark on YouTube and saw they are getting thrice as much as my FPS! I get around 150 FPS in Valorant Low settings 1080p and CSGO 1080p high setting 200 fps pls help! My specs:- Processor:-AMD Ryzen 5 4650G Pro GPU:-Rtx...
  38. R

    [SOLVED] Possible bottleneck? Don’t know where.

    I originally had a Radeon rx 5500 xt paired with a ryzen 3600, but my gpu averaged around 60 percent usage during games while my cpu only used around 19%. So I figured something was up and I upgraded my gpu to 2080 ti. I’m still having the same issue though. What could be the issue, if any?
  39. latalex

    [SOLVED] Bottleneck with RTX 3070 and I5 8600k ?

    Hello Guys ! (I'm french) I want to buy the new RTX 3070 but with my I5-8600k I wonder if there will be lot of bottleneck ? 🤔 And if yes the results will be lot of damage ? That is to say overheated and / or loss lifetime of materials ? Sae question about game performance ? :) Thank you for...