Question Does Xfinity ever change the IP address on their Modem/Router combos?


Mar 27, 2017
I have two factor authentication on for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and when I go into the login activity of my accounts it says I logged in from CT last month even though I wasn't there at all then. My instagram data I downloaded shows a new IP Address which is also in CT as I managed to pinpoint it to that state. I've never recieved a text on my phone saying someone else was trying to log in. Also, my icloud account on my iphone says it's logging in from MA or CT when it texts me the verification code and when I go to enter said code onto my computer or iPad it shows a map with CT or MA at the bottom when I'm physically not in any of those states.


Is it an ipv4 or ipv6 address? Ipv6 has shown my location as far as 1000 miles away, it's far from correct. But ipv4 has been spot on for me. I disabled ipv6 for other reasons, but if you're looking at ipv6 addresses, I would take the location with a grain of salt.

Xfinity does change the ip address occasionally, probably a few times a year for me. I'm not sure if that correlates to power outages though, or if it's renewed for other reasons.
Unless you pay for static IP it will change with pretty much any service.

The location issues could be any number of things and probably all innocuous in relation to the service and it's cookies (and such). I would suggest considering a password change, just to be sure.
It should be pretty simple to see what IP you actually have. Go to some site like whatsmyip. If this IP is different than the one it says you log in from you have a big issues. If they are the same then the IP got changed somehow. They do not change often, kinda the question we get form kids all the time on this forum that did something to get a IP ban and want to change.

Most times to force a change you must power of the modem for a fairly long time, many times even overnight will not force it to change. IP locations are really stupid they are based on the address the company that registered them. Now a phone and some other wifi devices are doing very bad stuff in a way. They scan for wifi signals and try to map out where you are based on all the wifi signals in your neighborhood. I can see locating to a city but when they actually attempt to locate to your street it gets scary because most companies do not have a good track record of keeping data secure.