Question Dual Monitor Arm Recommendations


Sep 9, 2014
Hello, everyone.

Going to be getting a second monitor shortly and I want to mount both of them up with one central and one off to the left. Just wondering if any of you guys have recommendations for good mounts that can be stable but adjustable on the fly with decent cable management. I've found so many top 10 lists and it's too much! lol



Dec 28, 2014
Personally I have a Duronic DMUSB5X1 (single monitor) and a DMDC52 (dual monitor) holding up 3x AOC c24g1 (4.4 kg kilograms, 9.7 lbs pounds) with no trouble at all. I believe they're available in the US as well.
Only real complaint is cable management; the channel can really only fit a single cable, but I just used some cheapo velcro ties to tidy it up anyway.

With these gas lift arms, around that price point, you're mostly going to see practically the same arms over and over again, just covered in different plastic with different designs and cable management. Just make sure to read the reviews, and go a bit above your monitor's weight for the arms. The absolute maximum weight limit varies from ''it'll sag in 2 min'' to ''it'll crash down in 2 seconds''. If you're not used to gas lift arms, remember that you have to adjust the tension so the monitor isn't slowly rising or sagging.

If you want something that's going to outlast the VESA standard itself, then there's not much more than pretty much any Ergotron arm, but they're expensive. From what I've heard, and don't hang me up on it, their customer service is great and they serve a pretty fat warranty.

Only real thing to absolutely stay away from are the arms from a pole, since you're offsetting one of them to the side while having one in the center. Damn near all of them are cheaply made, and depend on a single or two bolt stems going up into it from the base. With any kind of unevenness, it will bend over time.