Mar 9, 2010
Strange problem here. Just built a new system based on the Asus M4A78T-E mobo with a 955 black and HD5870 750W power supply and 4 gig of ram. Powered up for the first time last night and got no beep at all from the mobo. Light is on on the mobo and everything worked great. Went straight to bios and saw that everything was recognized, configured the ram and booted to windows disk to install. Should I be concerned at this point? Do I have to have a speaker hooked up on that board? Do I have to have my speakers hooked up to hear it?? Very confused here because everything seems to be working.
No big deal happens. It is not necessary to have the speaker. I looked at the pin setup for your motherboard and i noticed the speaker i listed does not have the right connector you need a 2pin motherboard speaker i cant seem to find one you could always look around ASUS site you might find one if you really want one.