Fan Settings on 4870 1gb


Oct 27, 2008
So I've decided to take the clock settings a little on this, to 790/1000. Decided to stick to overdrive. And I noticed the temps being higher than they can be with fan setting at auto. So I turned manual on and made it run at 33% because that was the sweet spot for noise and speed and it helped temps quite a bit. Auto speed only ran up to 22% speed at max for some reason at temps around high 70s to low 80s. I guess its not high enough to run faster.

I'm wondering if its safe to leave it at manual 33% speed? I'm worried that SOMEHOW, I DONT KNOW EXACTLY HOW BUT SOMEHOW, the card decides to heat up a bit and the 33% fan speed isnt enough then bam crash. While the auto fan control seems more reliable, it doesn't exactly give the best cooling, and I don't want the thing to run at higher speeds since it gets pretty loud.... any comments or recommendations are appreciated.
(my english must sound really broken up right now... lol sorry, tired).


Sep 24, 2008
I keep my 1gb 4870 at 36% Manual fan speed at all times and crank it up to 60% while gaming. I have owned the card for months now and have not had any problems so you should be fine. @ 33% your card should stay in the 60C range which is normal and quite safe. These cards are built to endure heat... just turn it up when gaming. even @ 60% I dont hear the fan but I also play loud so just figure out what works best for you. The CCC overdrive utility will stress your card and show what temps you are getting at any certain clock/fan speed.