Build Advice First Custom Loop, High GPU temps, Stumped.

Mar 30, 2019
Hello Everyone,
As the title suggests, this is my first custom loop, and I am having temperature issues. To begin, the hardware is as follows:

Case: Fractal Define R6 USB-C
CPU: Intel i7-9700k
GPU: MSI RTX 2080 Ventus 8G
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengence RGB @ 3000mhz
Power Supply: EVGA Supernova 1000W (80+ Gold Certified)
Storage: #1 - Intel 660p series M.2 SSD 512GB (Used as boot drive)
#2 - Samsung QVO V-NAND 2TB SSD Fans: 6x Corsair HD120 controlled by Corsair Commander Pro fan hub.

Everything is stock, no overclocks on anything.

As for the watercooling components, they are as listed:
Pump/Reservoir combo: EKWB Xres 140 Revo D5 PWM, Glass Edition.
GPU waterblock: EKWB RTX RE for RTX 2080 grpahics cards plus EK Vector backplate in Black.
CPU Waterblock: EKWB Velocity for LGA1151 CPUs
Radiators: 2x Hardware Labs GTS360 Fittings: all EKWB.

So, the computer runs fine, and idles around 27C. The problem is when I start up a game, even non hardware intensive games, like Astroneer, my GPU spikes to around 72C - 75C and never drops. I mess with fan speed, and nothing changes. It always just sits in this range.

I did everything I was knew how to do before installing such as: Flushed all the nasties out of the rads, read every manual on how to install and prepare, leak tested, bled the air.

The loop order goes like this Pump/Res > GPU > Top Rad > CPU > Front Rad > Pump/Res

So, I am at a loss on where to go from here. If you have any ideas or advise, I would seriously take any pointers. I got in to watercooling to keep my hardware cool, and I would say this is not cool.



Dec 21, 2013
well it sounds like there is not sufficient contact between gpu block and core and are you using liquid metal or regular TIM, might have to remove gpu block, clean up everything one last time and apply liquid metal like coollaboratory or TG conductonaut, also add a flow meter in the loop to help you see if water is moving sufficiently through the loop.


Feb 4, 2016
Have you got a cooler on the gpu vrms? Check out Jay's 2 Cents 'I made my own 2080ti waterblock and the results were insane!'. He actually used a water block from his earlier $19 dollar water block build video and another VRM cooler and some other fitting that he had lying around from various iterations of pc building and then (using that nice test bench, I want one!) and quick disconnects to make things easy attached a portable air conditioner to it. Then later with a different rig set a world record 6 months ago with that same air conditioner jury rigged with cardboard boxes and duct tape.

Pretty sure I've seen some other of those where he uses similar water blocks to yours maybe there's something relevant in all that. i mean check out some of those vids.