Question GTX 1080 Gaming X spitting out only half the normal fps

Jan 17, 2020
Hi Everyone,
I have been playing F1 2019, Assetto Corsa and various other racing titles for a year. Until recently, everything was normal. Just a couple weeks ago, my ingame fps was dropping consistently below the normal fps. In F1 2019, I am only getting 50 fps(ultra 1440p), whereas the normal fps I should be getting is around 100-110(ultra 1440p). Same goes for most other games. My GPU temps are consistently below 65, an CPU temps are under 45. GPU load is from 80-99, CPU load around 70. All my drivers are up to date. twice I played for the entire day but I usually never go past the 2 hour mark. Anyone have any ideas what is causing this?
(I think it is most likely a GPU issue, not CPU)
Windows 10 Home
Corsair H110i Liquid Cooler
MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon
Ripjaw V 2x8GB memory
MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X
eVGA 750W G3 130mm Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing Fan 4xPCIE 80+ Gold Full Modular
Crucial Mx500 500GB SSD
Asus PG279Q 1440p 165Hz Gsync
(All parts are 1 year old, bought brand new, used around 100 hours)

P.S. Perhaps I should do a cleanout of my PC?


Jul 3, 2016
Hello trollinmaster , I have the zotac version of the 1080 , I had it put in a rig I was having custom built when the card first came out. Your temperatures seem normal so I don't see a problem their . If you have never cleaned the inside of you pc. I always use can air commonly known as air dusters , don't go for a cheap multi pack as they are not very good. I always buy an expensive one. Get the cold air version and obviously make sure the pc is turned off.

WARNING..... keep the can vertical at all times , do not put the can on its side or upside down or the liquid propellant that pushes the air out will squirt out and soak everything. Also , use the air in short burst because a long press will suddenly make the can go VERY cold and burn your fingers.

Are you by any chance using the vnidea experience program as part of your driver package , if so get rid of it as it causes more problems than fixes. Then manually do a driver update and during install choose custom and untick the experience box.

I found an overclocking program on my driver disc but as I have never done that I wrote to zotac. The individual who replied said he did not know why that program was on the disc. He said and I quote " under severe load the 1080 has the ability to overclock itself". Don't know if that true , just repeating what 1 person said.