Gtx 680 twin msi frozr vs asus TOP


Nov 23, 2012
hello, i was looking for some opinions on the better GPU for running 1 1920X1080P monitor, highest settings on any game.
First option, the ASUS:

Second option, the MSI:

Will 2GB of VRAM be sufficient for 1 monitor? This would include Skyrim, not going overboard with the Texture mods and what-not. Would the 4GB recommended?

If there is a better card for my gaming need, would love a link! Thanks.
both have reputable cooler but the Asus one will use more space (3 slot vs 2 slot with MSI card). as for VRAM 2GB is plenty for single 1080p for majority of the games. if you consider to play in multi monitor realm than that 4GB is considerable.