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Question Help me with my build please! (I'm afraid of my CPU/GPU bottlenecking)

Jul 16, 2020
Okay so.. I'm building a new gaming rig..
The build I wanted to use was a
2080 ti, i9-10900k, Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme Z490 (Wifi 6) LGA 1200 (Intel 10th Gen) EATX Gaming Motherboard, DDR 4-3200 HyperX Fury 32GB, 500GB NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD.
Here's the issue, I cannot decide what monitor to buy.. I heard that if I bought a 1080P 240hz monitor it would bottleneck my entire rig. But if I upgraded to 1440p 165hz, I feel like I'd barely get any FPS in demanding AAA games. Or new games that release at all. So please clarify for me in detail.
Does a 1080p bottleneck with this rig? Will a 1080p 240hz push the CPU more and remove bottlenecking? Should I buy a 1440p and will I have good fps for demanding games, if so should I get the 1440p 165hz so I dont get bottlenecked?
I don't want to waste my money, so please help me out.
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Jul 16, 2020
A 2080ti is mad overkill for 1080p irregardless of refresh rate.

That set will run 1440p 100htz + absolutely fine.That spec monitor is a better match.
Can the monitor cause the CPU to bottleneck though? And does the refresh rates do nothing as in to push the CPU to work harder and remove that bottleneck? I just want to be sure.
Jul 16, 2020
Yes, everything will run just fine.
How many fps would I get on a 1440p compared to a 1080 on very demanding games you think?
Also, does refresh rate push the CPU to work harder like a new resolution kind of? (Not the same I know, but I dont know how to explain it.)


Then what would a 1080p 240hz monitor do for my build? everything would run fine? no stuttering, no unstable fps, nothing?

Of course it would run fine.

The point is a 2080ti at 1080p can likely push more fps than your cpu can.

You're calling that a bottleneck and as USAFRet has already stated it isn't.

I have no idea what game types you play but on AAA titles at least you're unlikely to see above 140fps anyway, that will be a cpu limitation not the 2080ti.

In that respect a 144-165htz monitor makes more sense imo.

I honestly don't really get the point of a 240htz screen anyway myself.
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With the very top end of currently available parts, buy the best monitor your budget can afford.
It will be relevant long after your cpu and gpu become obsolete.
Start first with the size you need.
Larger monitors are more immersive.

I suggest you buy a 4k monitor.
You can always run such a monitor at a lower resolution.
On refresh rate, higher is better. You can always tone it down if you need to.
Buy a monitor with some sort of adaptive speed control.
Commonly called freesync or gsync.
That allows the frame generation rate of your cpu/gpu to match the frame delivery capability of the monitor.

If you can, go to a store and see some different candidates in person.
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