Question HELP - PC restarting without error - straight to black screen


Feb 15, 2019
So I am in need of some assistance with an issue that I have with my PC, whereby my computer will suddenly black screen on me, and restart without warning.

This error seems to happen more so when playing the steam game 'Rust', but there doesn't seem to be any correlation between FPS drop to PC crashing.

I believed it could have been a RAM issue, as I was running 16gb originally, and my PC was using 15.5gb playing 'Rust', but I have since upgraded to 64gb of RAM, and still experience the crashes.

I run 'Rust' in Administrator mode, along side 'Steam', so I don't believe there is any issue with access to the software being denied within the system itself.

My PC is plugged directly into a wall socket, and not an extension lead, and therefore, don't believe its a loss of power from the mains itself, but question whether the PSU could be having issues (Question would be would the PC restart itself, or turn off if the issue laid with the PSU?)

I've looked at the temps on CPU and GPU after crashes - CPU will get to around 50 Celsius (Based on BIOS temp) and GPU will get to around 75 Degrees (Based on Task Manager temp) - appreciate that BIOS and Task Manager may not give accurate readings, but that's all I got :)

My system set up is as follows:

i7-9700k @ 3.60GHz
GeForce RTX 2080ti
Water cooling system

My drives seem to all be up to date, including the GPU, and so, doesn't seem to be an outdated drive (From what I can gather).

The crashes had a 2 week gap, with crashes around 10th Jan, and then they suddenly restarted on 29th Jan (6 crashes within the space of 3-4 hours). The crashes have been daily since 29th Jan.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated as this has been going on for the last month.
Feb 16, 2022
I had this issue as well. In my case it was a fault PSU, and a changed fixed the problem.

Does your computer not indicate at all, that something is wrong? When i had the same issue, my computer made a BEEP noise every hour, telling me something was wrong.

Could also be your PSU being very dirty, and overheating. If that's not the case, and it's squeaky clean, then i'd be willing to bet money on it's your PSU.

If you know somebody with a spare PSU or willing to give up theirs for the purpose, then consider making a temporary part swap and see if that fixes the problem.