Question Home ThinClient VMWare Setup?


Sep 30, 2017
Hey guys,

I haven't ever posted on here but I am looking for a solution for my family. I currently live on my own and am in college, however my siblings and my mother need a really cheap way to get a PC up and running for simple tasks.

My brother currently has an old PC he uses to game with me and his friends but he doesn't really ever use more than half the resources on them machine. While gaming he's looking at about 40% RAM usage, 50% CPU usage, and the hard drive has a few hundred gigabytes free.
My mother is in need of a cheap computer to surf the web, watch YouTube, get on social media, etc. I brought up her just buying a used laptop for a few hundred dollars but then I got to thinking why can't she just purchase a thinclient from eBay for under $30 and use it to remote to a VM running on my brothers machine?

I got the VM set up using VMWare Workstation (Free Edition) yesterday on his machine and it runs fine while he does his thing.
However I'm wondering once she gets this thinclient what the absolute simplest OS is to load onto it that just lets her use a logon and connect via RDP to the virtual machine. She is not too tech savvy and everywhere I look people seem to just throw Win XP or some distro of Linux and use the RDP features. I am looking for something that does not even give her the option to screw with the OS on the thinclient.

Something as simple as turning on the thinclient and hitting connect to logon to the hosted desktop. Please let me know if you guys have any ideas or know of any ThinOS's like this. If all goes well I may also use this solution for my sister and beef up my brothers PC to run 2 thinclients for them.

Thanks in advance for feedback!