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  1. ConorDuey2000

    Question Windows 11 keeps getting HYPERVISOR_ERROR BSODs after using Virtual Machines ?

    Hello. I've been dealing with troubles involving virtual machines on my computer for about a year, now. Every time I ran VMWare or WSL, a while after that, even after I close the virtual machine, I get a HYPERVISOR_ERROR BSOD. I don't know the cause of it, but after I stopped using VMWare and...
  2. ccoo84

    Question Using Two Different USB - One in windows the Other On a VM

    Hello thanks in advance.. Soo I have a pretty good computer & my kids want to play emulators while I am working its becoming a issue, I can't afford to build them another computer at the momment, So I came up with the Idea of using VMware to run a Xbox controller to the VM Seperatly so they...
  3. ConorDuey2000

    Question Random "HYPERVISOR_ERROR" BSOD with unknown cause ?

    Hey. It seems that completely at random while I'm using my computer whether it's idling or not, it'd suddenly get a "HYPERVISOR_ERROR" BSOD. I've debugged them in WinDbg and it just said "Process Name: System" and "Image Name: ntkrnlmp.exe" so I have absolutely no clue what caused these...
  4. jakersondiscord

    Question Corrupted Windows. Automatic Repair

    The problem : Every so often when I turn my PC on, I get this automatic repair junk telling me to choose language etc. I tried all options no success. This happens often and usually I just restart 10+ times and it magically fixes.. But this is a daily struggle Why I think it’s happening I...
  5. B

    Question Why is Hyper-V much slower for most applications than VMware?

    Is it because of the browser you use? or any other reasons behind this? Is there someone know and explain it to me. Thanks in advance.
  6. hlins

    Question Windows boot up error message ``VMWARE HYPERVISOR RECOVERY``

    Hi, I just plugged a new SSD, (I have 1 SSD where my OS is installed, another HDD for storage, and I just plugged in a new SSD to have more space for games, so 3 storage units in total) and on the first boot up this error message appeared, when I click any key it goes away and windows boots up...
  7. V

    Question Which Linux in VMWare?

    I want to install VM Ware on my Seagate Data drive shown below. I want to stand this virtual environment up to support Linux so that I can surf the web to reduce be being victimized by the badguys. In addition, I also want to get my feet wet with Linux. Iam a GUI user and not the best...
  8. Goodboy02

    Question Sims 1 DirectX Error Windows ME

    I am trying to play The Sims 1 on a Windows Millennium Edition VM in VMWare, but it won't start. Attached is an image of the error message. Any help will be appreciated.
  9. A

    Question How do you convert Hyper-V to VMware?

    Does anybody know about this? I'm struggling on this part any tips or steps to make this work?
  10. Emilie_R

    [SOLVED] Bluescreen at startup after virtualization ?

    Hello, (sorry for my english, this is a 95% google trad😩) I work in a small company and we have a server that is essential for our activity. This was set up about ten years ago by an enthusiast who is no longer present today. It is essential for our daily activity but its equipment is...
  11. K

    [SOLVED] Error in VMware

    Today I say the following error, while I was trying to start a virtual machine. Here is the error code: Error while powering on: This host supports Intel VT-x, but Intel VT-x is disabled. Intel VT-x might be disabled if it has been disabled in the BIOS/firmware settings or the host has not...
  12. Y

    Question If I have VMWare client running, does my company see my internet traffic?

    Obviously, very novice to this world. If I have VMware client running on my pc, and I launch chrome, use netflix, discord, or run a game on the same PC, does my company see that?
  13. ankitdixit

    Question Support for 3D Graphics in VMware and Virtualbox

    Hello All, I am working on a freelance project and I want to know which one is best to support 3d graphics between VMware and Virtualbox? As i have basic knowledge about Virtualbox, It can only support 3D graphics Up to OpenGL 3.0 and Direct3D 9. Can anyone suggest me about VMware ?
  14. L

    [SOLVED] VMWare WorkStation Pro 16 and EVE-NG Memory Utilization does not go down even if nodes on EVE-NG are not running ?

    I am using VMware Workstation 16 Pro for running EVE-NG. The problem I face is that when I run any node (like Switch or Router or any other device) then the Memory utilization on my Laptop goes up as usual, but when I stop all the nodes inside EVE-NG , the Memory Utilization on my Laptop still...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] system for virtual servers

    I need to take an old server 2008 R2 system and virtualize it to retain some legacy apps. I've never run a virtualization system before. I'm a little confused about some things. I'm assuming I need a type 1 hypervisor to retain performance. The OS is 64 bit but has an important 32 bit web app...
  16. Jeff_120

    [SOLVED] Inconsistent HDD speed, is it dying?

    Hello I have a Seagate Barracuda 4TB since October 2019, it was a wonderful HDD for the price, speed could reach 250mb/s for the first couple of seconds when copying RAW photos from my SD card, then about 150mb/s average. Beefy enough to store hundreds of RAW and even some not vey demanding...
  17. andrewshenouda

    Question I need help ASAP. Trying to bypass VM detection from an application.

    So there is this application/browser that many colleges around the New York area use to administer tests and exams online. The application in question is called Respondus Lockdown Browser. This browser basically is supposed to replace your traditional browsers (chrome, firefox...) when you're...
  18. editor1

    Question Task manager's performance view is stating different than processes view

    Hi all After afk'n my vm that runs vpn and seeding. I have its ram set to 1,2,3 or 4 I have tested. My host Task manager's performance view is stating my memory is up at 9-9.3 gb used. My idle host is usually 2.3-3 gb without the VM up and running vpn/seeding. I have tested it.. if the vm is...
  19. yashkadam

    Question VMWare VMX Doens't Connect To Internet, why though? Host is connected.....

    Although everything looks cool, no VMX connects to the internet. [Couldn't recogonize n/w kinda issues on an avg]
  20. S

    Question Can't connect to WiFi on my laptop because "VMware network adapter VMnet8 doesn't have a valid IP configuration"

    I have no idea what any of this means but looking it up online I can' seem to find any answers. This is quite a recent issue, I've never had this problem before.
  21. S

    [SOLVED] Opengl on windows 98 in vmware

    I was trying to do an experiment video on getting Minecraft to work on windows 98 but Its doesn't work and keeps giving me an OpenGL error I have VMware tools installed. I am using VMware workstation Pro 15.5.2 and Windows 98 se. The error is OpenGL: ERROR RuntimeException: No OpenGL context...
  22. TopLuca

    [SOLVED] $1200 Workstation/Gaming Build

    Hello Everyone , long time no see , so here's my current system specs : Intel i7-4790K @4.7Ghz Asus Z97-AR 16 GB DDR3 @2444mhz Sapphire R9-390 The rest is irrelevant Anyways backstory time , I am a computer Engineer and my work require me to do a lot of stuff at home so having a workstation...
  23. L

    [SOLVED] Cant run VMware workstation virtual machine

    Hello, i am experiencing problems trying to run virtual machines. I have tried different softwares, but there seems to be a problem with the bios settings. This is the error that is displayed in VMvare workstation : https://ibb.co/hKK78DX I have already enabled IOMMU and SMT in bios...
  24. shmu26

    Question Minimize latency in virtual machine

    I am running Linux Mint host, and Windows 10 guest, in VirtualBox. From my total of 8 gb ram, I allocated 4 gb to the VM. Neither the host nor the guest is maxing out in ram usage, not even close. And I allocated the VM 2 of the 4 cores. In the VM, I run light programs such as MS Office and...
  25. bhabanisankardas007

    Question How many esxi host can be created in Dell T5500 workstation.

    Hello Everyone, I just brought a Dell T5500 workstation and need to learn Vmware and other products. I found that it can not be used with VMware Esxi 6.7 latest update, But i am curious about how many esxi host can be create within my workstation. Specs: Dual Xeon X6550 2.00 GHz, 2TB (4 x...
  26. T

    Question Is my ThinkPad battery genuine?

    So I bought a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th gen laptop with an i7 7500u CPU from a local buy and sell marketplace off someone. I'm not really familiar with how long a battery is supposed to last on a laptop, but this ThinkPad seems to drain very quickly. I'm doing some work involving virtualization...
  27. N

    [SOLVED] DIY OpenWRT router - I can’t figure out how to configure it correctly

    Hello, I am trying to replace my router with Dyi OpenWRT running in VM. And something went wrong ... I can’t figure out how to make it work. I am using this miniPC with 4 LAN ports: Current network configuration: With parameters: And the future network configuration should be: So far, I...
  28. R

    Question System Build for Developer - Light Gamer

    Approximate purchase date: I’ll buy parts immediately once I have a list Budget Range: $2,000 to $3000 not including monitor(s) System Usage: 2 categories, software development and gaming with software development being the most important. Software development, host OS is Windows 10 Pro...
  29. P

    Question It's Jammed!

    I downloaded a few ISOs from archive.org to install on my XP VMWare virtual machine because I really wanted to listen to the MIDIs on VGMusic that were made for XG actually in XG. You have heard about the elephant in the room, didn't you? (Sorry if the images are messed up, but they...
  30. mangaman

    [SOLVED] Avast False positive

    Avast did a scan and detected a false positive with some VM files. These files are snapshots of a windows machine in VMware, but avast says that these are a high threat. I scanned them with Malwarebytes and did a scan with hitman pro, and both did not detect anything unusual. They are .vmem...
  31. T

    Question Home ThinClient VMWare Setup?

    Hey guys, I haven't ever posted on here but I am looking for a solution for my family. I currently live on my own and am in college, however my siblings and my mother need a really cheap way to get a PC up and running for simple tasks. Case: My brother currently has an old PC he uses to game...
  32. D

    Question Motherboard + CPU for old hardware (PCI passthrough)?

    Hi, I would like to know if there exists a reliable mobo/CPU combo that supports some VT (AMD or Intel) that has at least 2 legacy PCI ports. I need to bring some ancient PCI hardware back to life using PCI passthrough in VirtualBox or VMWare that has no drivers for newer OS'es (W2K being the...
  33. J

    [SOLVED] Could you use vGPU as a successor to Multi-GPU setups?

    Could you use multiple GPUs together and use a VM to connect them into a vGPU (if the Graphics Cards support virtualization) so that you can have parallel tasks running together on the multiple GPUs? (e.g. using 2 GPU and connecting them into 1vGPU)
  34. J

    [SOLVED] Can 1 vCPU use 2 cores?

    Many vCPUs are used as multiple vCPU (e.g. 2 vCPU) to 1 core (almost as a sort of hyperthreading). But what would happen if it were the other way around so you had multiple cores (e.g. 2 cores) to 1 vCPU? Don't question as to why, I would just like to know if it would work. Thanks, Joshua123033
  35. H

    [SOLVED] Good PC, terrible under performance

    UserBenchmarks: Game 125%, Desk 85%, Work 98% CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K - 120.8% GPU: Nvidia RTX Palit 2080 - 153.8% SSD: Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB - 36.9% HDD: Seagate Video SV35.6 Series 2TB - 83.3% RAM: G.SKILL F4 DDR4 3200 C16 2x16GB - 87.2% MBD: Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO PS: CORSAIR HXi...
  36. mehdi505

    Question Your pc ran into a problrm and has to restart is stuck in 0%

    While i was playing Apex legends, it crashed in a loading screen then the blue screen appeared saying that my pc has ran into a problem and has to restart, the problem is it's been stuck in 0% for half an hour now, i have a Lenovo legion y520 , nvidia gtx 1050ti 4Gb , 8Gb of RAM , i5 7300 , and...
  37. B

    Question Cant restart..

    So i think its the windows error that if I press restart, my pc cant find any boot device. If I shutdown then open it, it will boot to windows 10. Ive checked the bios, i put boot order 1 to AHCI P0 KINGSTON SVBLABLABLA(my ssd), and disable the other when I shutdown my pc. But when I restart and...
  38. Nerdy Nerd

    [SOLVED] Temp monitoring on one screen while gaming on other

    So I have a 4k monitor and a cheap 1080p monitor and system is running windows 10 home. The 4k monitor is the monitor that I am gaming on, obviously. The 1080p monitor I use for displaying my temperature monitoring programs (msi afterburner & HWMonitor). I am able to get those 2 temp monitoring...
  39. I

    [SOLVED] Reader's choice awards 2019

    Hi sir all help me.. Part 1:Best CPU Brand? AMD or Intel Part 2: best Graphics Processor Brand? Nvidia or AMD Part 3 Best Graphics Cards Brand? Asus or gigabyte or evga or msi any other Part 4 Best Motherboard Brand? Asus or gigabyte or msi or evga Part 5 Best PC Memory Brand...
  40. M

    [SOLVED] Bios update went wrong

    I updated my bios just like the computer told me to, unfortunately I accidentally closed the tab and now, I try to update it again but it got error and can't be updated. What's wrong with the computer? It is a laptop by the way