Question How can I access the bios on this Desktop?

Aug 23, 2019
Hello everyone, I have a Lenovo PC with a Phillips Monitor and I can't really get into Bios, Here's what I tried to do:
*Restarting the PC and using all function keys I know.
*Clicking Start button, Using shift and restart then trying to find UEFI settings. (My pc doesn't support UEFI)
*Holding the power button
*Literally anything I could find on the internet

Any Ideas? I really want to enable virtualization for my pc thru bios.. I thought you could help me.
Most Lenovos enter the BIOS with F2 after POST.

UEFI models won't respond to F2 if no "press F2 to enter setup" message is displayed on the screen, so one way to make that message appear is to hold down the B key while you turn it on. A cold boot (not resume or reboot) also may be required.

Note that Windows' default shut down behavior on desktops is "fast start" mode, which is logging you out right before a hybrid sleep (which is both sleep, and hibernate in case power is lost). You either have to disable this in power options or pull the plug to get a true cold boot.
When you shut down in windows, hold down the shift key.
This will do a complete shut down.
Otherwise, windows immediately starts when you power on.
Then, when you power on, repeatedly hit the del/f2 keys and you should be able to enter the bios.