Question How can I cool my laptop's locked CPU While having good clock speeds ?

Nov 27, 2021
I am new to this forum. Thought it would be a good place to ask this question. Recently purchased an acer aspire 7 laptop with an i5 10300H , 8GB Ram along with a GTX 1650.
And while gaming on High Performance Power Plan while plugged in, I notice my CPU temps hitting around 78-80 degrees. Now I know some say it's normal, but I am uncomfortable with temps above 70 because I want my parts to last long hehe. When I change maximum performance state in power plan settings from 100 to 99 , turbo boost gets disabled (I think) cuz my clock speeds drop from around 4 GHz to base 2.5 GHz and temps go to 70. But I don't want that low clock speeds while gaming as it increased stutters. In throttlestop I cant change Offset voltage ( to undervolt ) or change Turbo Ratio Limits , they're greyed out.
And yes I tried downloading lower versions of XTU and Throttlestop but it seems to be disabled from BIOS.

SO, How can I get 70 to 72 degrees CPU temps while having around 3.7 GHz clock speeds... ( More is fine just don't want High temps)
I did try changing the turbo boost max power and turbo max short power ( smthing like tht ) to round about 40 w . Temps go normal and clock speeds go to 3.8 GHz but then it says that laptop starts power limit throttling. Should I be worried about this throttling ?
(Btw I'm using a cooling pad as well)
Please Help. Thank You ☺️