Question How to hide/mask my mac-adresse from showing up on my home router as a connected device ?

Sep 1, 2019
I am learning to tweak throught the network settings. But this is no form of a regular tweak. I am not using Lunix YET. What i'm asking is how can i connect to my network and not appear on my connected list on my router's admin panel, there has to be a way, but i'm not sure if you can do without installing a third party tool because windows is very limited.. or is there perhaps a way to mimic another device mac-addresse, my other laptop for example and be connected as its adresse instead my desktop's. But of course it has to show up as one device. LOL im just imagining at this point.

P.s i am using a usb wifi adapter
It all depends on the device driver. Some have the ability to put in a mac address. Others you might have to edit the registry or use a special program. Some do not have the ability. On top of this windows used to disable some of the commands from being sent to the wifi chips.....promiscuous mode was one. Of course they have such big heads that they forget actual hacker do not use windows OS.

It is actually easier in many cases to load different firmware to the router and change the displays.



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