Question How to upgrade from current motherboard /Possible compatibility issues?

Feb 16, 2019
The PC that I'm using was originally a pre-built one from Best Buy and I can't tell you the original specs but these are the current ones:

From what I know (aka have researched for 900 hours because I'm a PC noob and still have 0 knowledge on my situation still) my RAM is as upgraded as much as it can go on this current motherboard.

So my question is, how or what the heck do I upgrade from this motherboard to allow better/faster RAM? I used to stream but ever since I upgraded my GPU to the current one (GTX 1060) from a GTX 960, my PC hasn't been able to handle streaming. I think I need to upgrade my motherboard+RAM, but please correct me if I'm wrong. If I do need a different motherboard, then I need one that works with multiple displays (3).

Do I need to upgrade my motherboard or RAM? Or is something else possibly wrong as far as compatibility in my PC currently?


Here is the manufacturer's page for your motherboard -- It will support 32GB of RAM
You would have to remove the 8GB DIMMs you have and replace them with 16GB DIMMs but you could do that. Your RAM is running at the default 2133 speed.
You already have an i7 CPU with 16GB RAM, your PC is in the top half of PC configurations. I think you need to do some monitoring to see where the limit is.