Question I bought a new AIO cooler, and the lights aren't working.

Apr 11, 2022
I got a corsair H100i rgb PRO cooler for my system, since my old cooler was starting to break.
I installed everything to my prior knowledge and making sure with the booklet the component came with.
However, when i turned the pc on the cooler lights did not turn on and my pc said the pump wasn't working.

A thermals check proved that it was working, ( And still is working very well ) But the lights aren't working. I bought USB 2.0 adapters for an open PCIe slot to see if maybe it was just the one port but it still never worked. I updated the software, and did a lot or rewiring with no luck.
Do i need a new motherboard? Is my pump header faulty? or do I need to try a different adapter?