Question I need some advice

Sep 22, 2021
I wanted to buy a used acer nitro vg240Y FHD 75hz 24” monitor. It was connected to a ps5. Then I played a video on it and next to the side I saw a led line illuminating from top right all the way down to bottom left. Is this normal or is it damaged? Maybe the ps5 and the monitor wasn’t set up? I have a picture about it. Guy bought it 2020 December. It has 5 years of warranty. He bought a better monitor for the ps5. He shoved that it also has that led line. It’s green here not rainbow. What do you guys think? I can buy it for half the price. And I replace an HD 20-21 inch monitor with it XD . I’m a casual player. If u can recommend a sub 150$ 24” FHD kava/edgeless ips monitor with sub 4ms response time I would love that. All I need is an inexpensive decent monitor that looks good and has a vesa mount.