Question I was able to migrate OS and boot successfully but what are in these other partitions on old HDD

Jun 30, 2019
First I would like to say that this website and forums are awesome. You all have so much knowledge that you are willing to share.
With your help I was able build a computer while blowing right past my budget by thousands....
I had a old HP PC and was going back to school. I already hated to even try to use this old computer due to it being soooo slow and full with limited DIMM. I thought I could build one cheaper then buying one until my eyes got to big.
I have a combination of old, semi old, and new drives. So I swapped my old HDD that was housing my OS for time being to get everything running. I have slowly started moving files and trying to get this thing up to full potential.

I migrated windows one of the SSD’s with success and the machine boots with the old HDD unplugged from the mobo.

I just created a partition on new HDD and placed a system restore image on it.

The old HDD has a factory image partition that I plan to wipe.

The old HDD also has a partition called SYSTEM. I have included a screen shot of what those files are.

Obviously the systems works and boots without them however I want to make sure before I delete both the partitions called System and a partition called (*)

Also what are these partitions at the start of all my new hardware?

Should Partitions be in any order or rhyme to a reason?

This is the system restore I created (System Backup which it says is a windows back up and an image of system partition). should I create one for the drives as well and do you stick backup of drive images on multiple drives as you never know which will fail?

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