Question Internet got shifty overnight, randomly slows down?

Rasmus Gustafsson

Mar 15, 2015

When i woke up today i encountered a weird issue, my network was really really slow for no reason. First i thought it was my isp that had some sort of maintenence in the area, which happens. But after checking their website there should'nt be any problems even remotely close to my area.

So what happens is that the internet speed goes down drastically in periods, as i'm typing this the network is fine and stable (113 down/12 up and i pay for 100/10), but totally randomly the network just fades away and i can't even load a website properly, and this happened just overnight as i haven't done anything with the pc since yesturday when it worked just fine.

So the things i've tried to fix the problem:

I bypassed the router, so that my internet goes straight from the fiber output to the pc, problem still persists.
I've updated the pc, graphical drivers + windows update, didn't work.
I've scanned the pc for viruses, full scan came up without viruses so that's good.
I've tried resetting the network adapter
I've tried the "netsh winsock" reset, and the ipv4/ipv6 reset through cmd but that didn't work either.

I'm all out of ideas, anyone had this problem before?