Question Is Anyone facing any issues or specifically saying "Screen Freezing" with gtx 900 series?

Mar 17, 2019
I've been in a trouble since i built a rig with strix gtx 970, not like right after i started using it but within 9 to 12 months i started getting issues like freeing screen all of a sudden. I always kept my system clean. At least once a month or two.
so since that time i've been replacing my card over and over again and i get the same issue but not immediately , it works for a month and then the same problem appears. There is something that is causing my card. Well only possible thing that could've caused most probably is the PSU or OVERCLOCKING GPU, but i'm sure neither these two were my problem as i didn't do any overclock so far just software automatic controlled OC only and my PSU was tested on my friend's computer and it worked fine for a week long. PSU i had was Corsair VS 650 and that is much sufficient to run gtx 970 with cpu FX 8350. I've also replaced Motherboard once just to make sure if it isn't the cause i might have left ignored, gpu i replaced more than 3-4 times, now that i've now is STRIX GTX 980, luckily i got this one because of no availability of 970.

I want to know what might be causing screen freezing or gpu issues that may have been causing this. To make sure even if it is PSU that could've been the cause i bought Corsair RM 1000X to make sure there's no compromising for the power.

I might gonna replace my Rams and CPU as well within few weeks if that helps by any chance.

Please let me know if anyone facing the same issues and got it solved, or if anyone know if there's any issues with geforce gtx 900 series gpus with todays new graphic drivers which might be ruining it all.

I have also noticed low gpu load sometimes, specifically with Battlefield 5 and Assassins Creed Origins.. but mostly it was with Battlefield 5.

My Build
CPU- AMD FX 8350
RAM-HyperX Fury 8gb x 2
Motherboard- Gigabyte 990FX GAMING
CPU COOLER- Cooler Master Hyper 212x
HDD- Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5-inch Internal Hard Drive
SSD- Corsair Force Series LE200 240GB
Cooling fans- Circle Stay Cool CG-12 120MM (1 at the back for exhaust), Cooler Master SILENT FAN 120 (2 At top for Exhaust 1 at front for intake), 2 Aorus Stock Fans at the front for intake " Total 3 Intake fans at the Front "