[SOLVED] Logitech G430 7.1 surround sound not available (Windows 10)


Jan 10, 2015
Hi all,

During the Amazon Prime sales, I managed to buy a Logitech G430 headset very cheaply (thanks to Tom's Hardware making me aware of this sale).
I've been using it with a USB dongle which allows me to use GHUB to enable 7.1 surround sound (I'm aware 7.1 virtualization is a borderline scam, but hey I paid next to nothing for these) but I've found that the GHUB drivers are very unstable... on my old PC I had issues that I thought was just the old PC, but I'm having the exact same issues on my new PC too plus there are hundreads of threads out there all saying the same thing (buggy mic, random quality drops, randomly going loud/quiet etc).

Because of this, I stopped using the dongle and now I'm purely using the jacks plugged straight into my MOBO and Window 10's default drivers. I've enabled Spatial Sound in Control Panel, but I noticed there's no check box for "Enable 7.1" that you see in multiple online guides for enabling 7.1 in Windows.

Is there anyway I can use 7.1 though Window's default audio drivers? How can I enable this option? I do not wish to go back to using the USB dongle/GHUB as it's caused me nothing but trouble, which is also intermittent making incredibly hard to find the source of the individual issues. I've also been told my micraphone quality is MUCH better now that I'm not using the dongle/GHUB, which was the reason for the switch to the jacks.

Is this "7.1" headset just a decent stereo headset with a "gamer" buzzword slapped onto it?