[SOLVED] Low GPU Usage And Low FPS In Boneworks


Oct 6, 2017
Hey all,

I recently upgraded to a Strix OC 3090 and for the most part it's been sick on normal games. At the moment I'm trying to play some Boneworks and my framerate in some areas is awful. I've noticed that when running task manager says that my CPU is pinned at 50% usage whereas my GPU is only around 15%-20%.
I've been looking around for a fix but I've found nothing that worked for me, Could I get any advice on this please?

Is it possible that I'm bottlenecked anywhere and if I am what parts would be causing it? In some of the post I read before they had said RAM speed would make a massive difference but the RAM speed in that post was a fair bit slower than mine so I wasn't sure if it would make a difference in my case

My Specs are
CPU - I9900k 5.1ghz
RAM - 32GB Trident Z 3000Mhz
GPU - Asus Strix OC 3090
Mobo - Asus Maximus XI Formula
PSU - Corsair HX1200w

Blaine :)