Question Minecraft lagging even though my hardware should run it ok

Oct 9, 2020
Hi. Because of my old laptop not working, dad gave me the one I'm using now and hardware-wise, it should be better in every aspect (mby the oldest i7, 8gb ram and gt 330M vs i7 3630QM, 16gb ram and nvs 5200M). Not the dream gaming rig, but it should run something. Especially minecraft, because it's a very cpu based game. And that's the problem. The old one ran it 70 fps with lag spikes here and there but it was managable. When i first got it, it was slow af so I reinstalled windows and it ran fine. But the day after I wanted to play with friends and I had 20 fps at 2 chunk render distance AT BEST. I scoured the internet and I tried literally everything. I don't even know where the problem is. While playing I use around 20% cpu (10% when normally using the pc), 10gb ram (assigned by me) and gpu depending on render distance 60-90%. Please help

Edit: the old laptop had an i7 Q 720
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