Question MSI second-hand warranty

Mar 18, 2020
Hi there. (I contacted MSI through this online-ticket thing, but this was their reply: RMA process for components requires returning product to us through the distributor, aaand I don't know anything about the purchase)I bought an rtx 2080 ti(MSI) gaming x trio second-hand in December.The card shortly after died(Space invaders), and the private seller won't give me any information about the purchase, not even the store, no receipts nor invoices, thus i cannot register it on the MSI website.I have already contacted the msi support regarding this question, but they replied with something about contacting the original store and going through the RMA process there, but because I don't know any information about the purchase itself, I can't really contact the store.Any ideas? Should I tell the support again, that the card was not bought from a store?I saw a few threads where they said you don't need anything other than the serial number, but I can't find that page that's let's me start rma with a simple serial number.Please help me!Thanks!