Dec 29, 2006
What is MSIs real website? I did a live search for it and theres an www.msicomputer.com and www.msi.com.tw The msi.com.tw seems like it is a fake website to me, but I was on the msicomputer.com website and it for some reason kept directing me to goarmy.com. what the heck... Now im doing a virus scan to make sure I dont have junk on my comp now.
why do you say that msi.com.tw is fake, it has seemed alright to me, and their tech support through that site has been as slow and helpful as can be expected.

They also have regional sites that can be accessed through it.
Taiwan recenrly has an earthquake which ruptured the fiber to USA, so all communications are on one backbone which is obviously overloaded.
That explains why you are getting slow communications or mixed up ones.
Three weeks will be necessary for China PPT to restore the connection.
this was months ago that I was getting slow responses from tech support, i.e. 2 weeks between emails. It wasn't the comms issue.

to me it means that they probably are who they say they are, a fake site would try and respond quicker.