Question My monitor loses signal and wifi disappears when launching games

Dec 19, 2021
When I launch a game, from a few minutes to 5 hours into it being launched, my monitor randomly shuts off, then comes back on again with the game crashed and no wifi avaliable until i troubleshoot and it resets the adapter. I recently switched to an ssd because my hdd had died, so this has been happening off a fresh windows download, and ive uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers multiple times, but it still happens. This didnt happen before on the hdd, it just froze a lot because it was dying, but games didnt crash and my wifi connection didnt go out. Any ideas why this is happening? Also, some games are still playable when i turn on vsync, put on the lowest settings, and limit the fps even more than the vsync, but they only last a few hours if im lucky.

my card is a 660 ti, 8gb ram, 500gb ssd