My solution to "The data is invalid" errors in XP!


Mar 20, 2002
To make a long story short, I posted a few days ago about having problems installing a new PCI modem in a newly built Windows XP Home computer. The modem is Windows XP compatible according to both the Microsoft and Sonic Blue websites. I was getting an "The data is invalid" error when the New Hardware detection would try to install the generic modem driver. This happened with 3 different modems in 3 different PCI slots.

Last night I did a format and reinstall of Windows XP Home WITH the modem in the PCI slot from the beginning instead of adding it later. My Device Manager showed the modem installed fine. I queried the modem successfully. I updated the driver and all is fine.

This must be some kind of bug with Windows XP. At least maybe someone can do a search and find some help with this post.

Has anyone else had this problem with other devices while installing? I hope I don't have to re-install EVERY time I add a device, sheesh.


I upgraded recently from an ATi Radeon 64MB DDR to an ATi Radeon 8500... absolutely no problems. I'll ask this question... did you install the modem into the same PCI slot as before? In my response to your question.. I had suggested it could be an IRQ conflict. I know for a fact there was a problem with SB Live! cards and Asus A7V motherboards when you installed the card into any other slot than slot 3. Adding new hardware to the computer should not have that affect... and I have yet to add any hardware to a XP machine and have any problems.

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