Apologies if this is a pretty basic qn but i have looked all over and although i've sorted some of the issues out am stuck with this final one.

I'm trying to connect my Goflex Home NAS directly to my pc with an ethernet cable. I know it can/should be done via the router but i'd like to connect it this way and don't see why it shouldn't work.

At the moment i can't access the NAS when attached via ethernet despite it being issued an IP via DHCP. I access the internet via another network (router) and have shared the internet connection.

I'm not really sure what to try but any pointers would be gret. I run XP btw.




Direct Ethernet cable from GoFlex to computer? How is the router assigning an address in that configuration?

Either attach an Ethernet cable from the GoFlex to the router, or to a switch near your computer. Use a USB cable if you want a direct connection to your computer.

If you have two wired adapters on your computer, you could try going into the control panel and bridging the adapters and turning ICS off (ICS has to be off when adapters are bridged) -- it might work.