Question Need help with using SSD and HDD at the same time.

Feb 19, 2020
I had a 1tb hdd with all my files and windows on it, and now i have installed a 250gb ssd with windows on it.

When windows boots, its like I have a new pc and all my old hdd files are in disk drive f.

My entire old pc is on that drive and i want it so that both drives are linked...

Is there a way I can use my ssd to boot windows, and use my hdd for storage without losing my old files?

Basically I want my ssd to be my boot drive and my hdd to be my storage device. I also want to keep all my old data on my hdd.
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Set the SSD as the boot drive in BIOS, after that the HDD should just show up as a second drive albeit with a bunch of Windows files on it.

You should be aware that most likely no installed programs on the HDD will work properly since its now no longer the boot drive and the directories have changed. But files such as pictures, saved games, movies etc should remain intact.