Dec 11, 2012

Overview: I have a wireless router on the ground floor of my home which is wired to my PC on the 3rd floor. The wifi signal is of poor quality on the 3rd floor. I cannot move the router to a different floor since all of my connections are wired through the home into my networking room (on the ground floor where my router is). I wish to add a media receiver to a different room on the 3rd floor that is not wired already for networking. Streaming video files wirelessly to the media receiver from my router will not work because as stated previously the signal quality is poor on the 3rd floor.

Question: My mobo on my computer has ASUS wifi GO. Can I enable the wifi go on the mobo of my PC (located on 3rd floor) to connect to the media receiver (also on the 3rd floor) for streaming? The media receiver will also have an internet browser so will I be able to connect to the internet as well if it is networked to my PC and my PC is connected to my router on the ground floor?

I basically want to keep my PC connected to my main router for high DL speeds and also have my PC networked wirelessly to my media receiver using the on board wifi go. If possible I'd also like to be able to access the internet on the media receiver via the PC.

Can this be done and how?


You can use the ASUS wifi GO in AP mode to give you a wireless radio signal on the third floor. It should allow you to connect any services you like, including Internet access on the media device.

Take a look in your motherboard manual in the back sections for the ASUS wifi GO configuration and go to the ASUS support site to get the latest GO driver that needs to be installed for GO to work.