Question New gaming laptop charger overheating


May 30, 2014

So I bought a new laptop for college, and I ended up paying a bit more to get a gaming one.
It's the HP Omen 15-dc1621nd, couple of months old. It has a Core i5-9300H, a hyperthreaded 4 core, and an RTX 2060.
It also really likes to turbo boost itself to 4GHz all the way up to 95C, on top the power and heat from the graphics card when gaming.

Well, and all that performance seems to cause not only a lot of heat, but another part to also work overtime. Namely the charger.
I noticed it usually gets VERY hot during gaming sessions, especially longer ones.
I recently got to measure the temperature using my new multimeter, and, well... I'll let you see for yourself. View:

And if you looked a bit closer, you probably also noticed the wattage goes well into triple digits, namely 200W from 19.5V and 10.3A.

So, my question is... Is this normal? The laptop itself already runs really hot, but to me it seems like the design of the charger is even worse.
I really don't want it to die seeing just how the replacement, seeing how that number goes into low triple digits too.
And, you know, having it burn my house down also wouldn't be that desirable.
The dimensions of that multimeter are 7.5" x 3.5" which aren't much different than a standard 8" x 3.5" brick.

If it's delivering 200w and is 90% efficient, it has to dissipate 22w of heat. If it's only 80% efficient that's 50w and with no heatsink or fan. Its lifespan would likely be improved with even a small USB fan blowing on it.
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