Jun 27, 2005
Hey. I've built my first computer and its working pretty good but I never got that i needed a 24 pin psu to run pcie vc until after i built it, so now im looking for a psu. I have a 400watt rosewill w/e came with my case. I've been looking at the ASPIRE ATX-AS520W. It looks pretty good. I want one that i will be able to upgrade with. Im only going to be running a 6200TC at first so its not a big deal but maybe ill get a 7800 eventually. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanx

Asus P5RD1-v/60gb Seagate Barrauda/soon to be 6200TC/CD Drive/Rosewill TU-155/1gb Corsair Ram/Pentium 4 540


Former Staff
Most boards don't need 24-pin to run a PCI-Express video card, but the extra pins are helpfull when the slot is heavily loaded.

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