Question No peripherals after bios update

Oct 8, 2019
Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out.

I'm not getting any display on monitor and keyboard and mouse lights are not working after an update to the latest bios version on msi z270 gaming Pro carbon.
The bios update seemed to work fine, reached 100% and followed into the predicted auto reboot and now - poof, no peripherals. Occasionally, depending on which of my attempted fixes (listed below) that I've used, the PC will turn on for a second, turn off, and then turn itself back on.

I should mention at this point that no new hardware was added and everything was working perfectly fine before the bios update - even now the PC boots fine and all fans are working, there are no EZ Debug lights lit on the mobo, this seems to only be affecting peripherals.

I have since:

  • removed power for several minutes and restarted.
  • removed mouse and keyboard and rebooted, still nothing on monitor
  • tried running single module of ram in slot 1
  • shorted the cmos
Looking for a bit of advice on where to go next with this,
Much appreciated