No POST / Boot loop / Restart issue


Jan 16, 2012
Dear readers and potential problem solver(s),

Currently I'm having quite a headache over a problem I'm having with my computer. The problem is as following:

Recently I moved to another place due to some personal matters. Along I brought, of course, my computer. The very odd thing though is that it worked perfectly, without any problems or whatsoever, at the place I originally had this computer standing. The moment I brought it to my new place, and tried to boot it up for the first time the problems started. That first time, it didn't boot at all. No post, no messages, no beeps, nothing except my system powering up, fans spinning up, CD/DVD drive being accessed etc.

This was very strange since I didn't change ANYTHING, but my apartment. Since I have loads of patience, I've followed all kinds of lists to see what's wrong with my computer. A summary of those steps:

Making sure everything is connected.
Making sure the cables I'm using are in good state.
Making sure the power management in my apartment is correct.

More advanced:
Removing hardware components piece by piece. Starting off with anything that was connected with SATA cables, removing memory modules, while keeping one in the first slot. Swapping them, etc etc. You're all familiar with the steps I've followed. I put my PSU in another computer, which booted up without troubles. Which, almost had the same specs as mine.

Sooo.. there I was, confused, headache, tired, desperate for a nice cup of coffee. I ended up resetting the CMOS/BIOS by removing the battery for not, 10 seconds, not 5 minutes, not 15 minutes (which all were to avail), but an hour to finally get it booted up. Oh I was happy and that cup of coffee happened.

My system worked perfectly for over a week, without any troubles or so. I installed a clean Windows 7, installed Mac on two other drives (Hackintosh). Everything went smooth.

Then I got the nice idea of playing battlefield 3 with a friend of mine. (Brilliant game, for those whom haven't played it yet.) While playing co-op my keyboard would stop working and those beeps, which you get when you press too many buttons at the same time, just kept looping in a spammy way. I had to restart my computer.

Poof- back to no post! (uh oh) Though god was with me that day, and it started working after 2 tries, without having to do anything. Happy I was, once more.

Then, it was co-op time again. Again.. keyboard stopped working -shrugs- had to force-restart my computer once again! Though this time the devil must have been in my room.. Since I have yet to get my PC up and running again.

Computer seems to boot up. All the LEDS on the motherboard go on, CPU is apparently in phase 5. All the fans start. It's as if nothing is wrong! However, it automatically restarts after ~15 seconds and it keeps doing that. It's just, that it seems to actually turn off and turn on. It's not like, when you turn off your PSU by turning the switch or pulling the plug.

I've since gone back to my list, did all the steps I did the first time, including removing the video card. There was only ONE time, this absolute random godforsaken time, where I didn't have any cables plugged in, and it kept running. Sadly my monitor and all were at the other side of the room..... so I turned it off. Tried to turn it on once more, without cables, just to see if it was working again, but nope. As if someone or something teased me there. Oh and, removing the battery didn't work. Not even after 4 hours. (Yeah, I know.)

Back to the headaches and desperate need of coffee.

Any help is kindly appreciated and so forth I'll answer anything that I haven't been clear about myself.

Thanks in advance!

p.s. Probably should have added this at the top, but here are my specs:

Processor: i7 920 (at stock clock, stock voltage)
Motherboard: x58 Pro-E (MSI)
Memory: 2gb @ 1066 MHz (3 of those) - (Corsair, if the exact type is needed I'll post that)
Video card: ATI 6850 @ 775 MHz
PSU: Silent Pro Coolermaster (600w)

p.p.s. I've searched through the entire web for a solution, for a rather long time, but it was all to avail.



Jan 16, 2012

Thank you for replying, I greatly appreciate it.

I haven't swapped my PSU with another one yet in this system, I'll do that as soon as possible.

However I did go to the link you gave. Even though I did almost everything of it, one particular thing I didn't do, might have shed some light on the horizon. It's with the speaker. I've seen it countless of times before, but couldn't bother to put one in my computer.

I did now though, and it gave me some beeps. It gave, if I counted correctly, 8 beeps. I believe I have an AMI BIOS. Which gives me the following results:

-shrugs- Time to remove my video card.. again? Even though it kept restarting without it anyways. Or is it something deeper. Please let it be good news.

Before I forget the beeps go:

short short -- short short short short short short

where the -- is a little pause.

EDIT: Pretty sure I'm on the right track here, but it must have to do with my keyboard. Since well, it did stop working two times while playing BF3, and it would account for the six beeps.

-taps chin- I'm going to try out another keyboard.

EDIT: Oh the slim and tiny bit of hope I had left just got struck by the evil sound of beeps. short short -- short short short short short short.. oh how I hate you!

Anyway. Perhaps I should try another PSU now.

EDIT: I just tried another PSU, but it gave the same symptoms and the same beeps.