Question No POST/Video Signal, no Beep


May 13, 2017
Hi. My father has an Asus P8H77-M LE with Intel i5 3330 and 16gb of RAM (two sticks of 8gb). It was working perfectly but now it isn't showing any video, there is no post. I bought a speaker to see what the machine has to say, and when everything except the CPU/Fan is plugged out, it give's me 1 long, 2 short beeps. When I stick 1 module of RAM on the first slot, it gives no beep and also not post. When the stick is on the other slot (or two modules at the same time), the DRAM Led sticks solid RED. The first time this error happened, I tested the PSU (good old paper clip test + multi-meter) and it was fine. I've cleared the CMOS numerous times, replacing the battery and making the reset stated on the manual.

For now, I left it with only one stick at the first slot (so the DRAM Led flashes on the boot), no beeps from the speaker, no POST/video signal (also tried with an external GPU but nothing either). Also, for now, I don't have a CMOS battery (used the old one in a netbook and it was charged at least).

Other than replacing CPU/buying a new mobo, what else can I do?