Question No Signal on TV only, sometimes.

Mar 21, 2022
Hi all, having a strange issue with updating my setup: My desktop PC has a 3060ti, normally connected to 2 monitors (2k165hz & a 1080p60hz). In the past I also had it connected via 15m hdmi cable to a 1080p tv in another room, for playing games on the couch. I have since upgraded that TV to a Hisense U7G55 4k screen, and so updated the hdmi cable to a 15m, 4k60 rated amplified cable running from my pc to the new TV. My pc detects the tv fine, knows the brand, recommended resolution etc. According to display panel, it is connected, I can even move my mouse and windows off the monitor "to" it. HOWEVER the tv displays "no signal" if the pc is outputting in anything higher than 1080p...

What I've done so far:
-Amplified cables are mono-directional. Triple checked that.
-disconnected every other screen except tv
-drivers are up to date
-cleaned and removed old drivers
-Tried multiple ports on tv and gpu
-restarted both pc and tv
-checked that all of the TV's ports are definitely 4k60 rated (2.1)
-consoles (XOne & PS4) and both my partner's PC's (Win11/AMD570, Win10/GTX1070) work fine in 4k60 via the same hdmi cable to the screen
-reinstalled windows

Regardless, it will always appear in nvidia & windows display settings (on my monitor) with whatever resolution I set, but will display "no signal" on the tv unless it is in 1080p, and no higher than 60hz. Hopefully someone can help me with this obscure issue, I've yet to find a solution online and I'm starting to go crazy haha <3

Running Windows 11, CPU R5 3600, GPU 3060ti, RAM 2x16gb DDR4, MSIx370.
the tv displays "no signal" if the pc is outputting in anything higher than 1080p
this usually is a result of a low quality cable that cannot deliver the necessary bandwidth over that distance.

but, for 4K 60Hz you don't even need HDMI 2.1.
only for 120Hz and higher bandwidth uses.

if the TV has HDR enabled, try disabling it and see if it can then do your native 2160 @ 60Hz.
would also recommend to try moving the TV into the same room and use a shorter cable to verify if they will then work correctly or not.